• Next Gen Data Management
    from Car2Cloud for Mixed Fleet

Connect the Unconnected

Globalmatix is the leading provider of proactive telematics services for global Fleet Management, Connected Cars, Insurances and Car Sharing companies. Companies worldwide rely on our innovative vehicle data analytics and secure communication services.

Innovation from Vaduz

Globalmatix offers a disruptive, innovative telematics solution for the automotive industry in the IOT space. We enable companies to manage mixed fleets efficiently through next generation telematics services, globally.

We connect the unconnected of our business customer’s mixed fleet, make Diagnostics remote and in real time.

From Road to Cloud

We connect any vehicle remotely over 4G/LTE to their associated vertical applications (Fleet Control Center).

This is a new model of bringing mixed fleet automotive telematics data to OEMs, commercial fleets, like leasing, carrental or transportation.

Predictive Maintenance

OEMs have been working to find more efficient and cost-effective methods of gathering predictive maintenance analytics to serve their fleet, leasing and transportation customers.

Globalmatix is in the lead of solving this challenge for its commercial like OEMs customers by offering a disruptive solution to the mixed fleet market.

We designed an in-vehicle Telematics xTCU for commercial mixed fleets (retrofit)

It is a multi-brand, smart xTCU which is connected to the vehicle‘s CANbus to capture Diagnostics data in real time.

Our USP is your Benefit

Connect the Unconnected to get in-vehicle data from Road to Cloud

Multi-brand, multi-size, multi-purpose vehicle support

Telematics data signals via multiple sources deeply from the vehicle

Global 4G/LTE network connectivity for xTCU w/ fallback 3G/2G

Hardware designed Security. Secure Car2Cloud with open APIs

1 stop shop, no barrier to entry, disruptive, all inclusive Service model

Monthly fee, all inclusive: Price of a good cup of coffee

We provide a disruptive Service of Device, Network and API for Mobility and Industry 4.0 applications.
An all inclusive service with no barrier to entry.

Globalmatix’s DNA is a disruptive Device-Network-API proposition at one all inclusive price per vehicle and month.

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